Traffic Violations

We provide representation for travelers, truckers along I-81 and I-77 in Wythe, Bland, Smyth, and Washington counties. In many cases, your appearance at court will not be required.

DWI – Drunk Driving Defense
If you are charged with driving while intoxicated (DWI) or driving under the influence (DUI) in Virginia, a DUI attorney will be needed to represent you when you appear in court; if you do not appear, the court will most likely issue a “capias”, or bench warrant, for your arrest. These charges should be taken seriously, because they can have a significant impact on your driving privileges. Many people do not know that on the third DUI / DWI offense, the charge becomes a felony. In addition, DWI / DUI trials are becoming increasingly complex. An experienced DUI attorney will make this process run smoother. Contact us to learn how our firm can help you.

If you have been caught, you need a DUI lawyer to explain your rights to you. It is very important to hire an attorney that has experience representing clients in DWI cases. contact T. Shea Cook today to learn how he can use his experience to stand up for your rights.

Reckless Driving
Many people have to deal with a traffic charge at one time or another. What many people do not realize, however, is that in most traffic cases involving out-of-state defendants, we can arrange to have the case heard without the necessity of the defendant appearing before the court. This holds true for those clients who have received tickets for offenses such as reckless driving, speeding, disobeying highway signs, or running a stop sign in Virginia, A speeding ticket lawyer located in the area is exactly what you need. Call us today to speak with an attorney that can help you.

If you are found guilty by the court on a reckless driving charge, you can lose your driver’s license, and Virginia may notify your home state. You need a reckless driving attorney to stand up for your rights. The majority of states are participants in interstate compact where they exchange information regarding suspensions, and your home state may enforce a suspension from Virginia. Thus, it is not wise to ignore a traffic offense you are charged with in Virginia, because it may have consequences in your home state.

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